The great museums of the countries of the Arab world – Part 2

Museums are wonderful places to discover the culture, the history, the archaeology and many other things about one country. The Arab world with great countries characterize by past loaded in history are no exception. We find so many classic museums as specific museums there.


All of us know the history of Lybia’s country during those last decades. The heritage preservation of this country worries  the big cultural institutions of the whole world. Nevertheless and in spite of its history, their culture is well preserved and still holds an important place. The country has many places to visit, museums are part of them. The As- Saraya al- Hmara museum wich is also called « museum of the red castle » is one of the most attractive because it is the fisrt museum opened in Lybia (1919).


Morocco is a reputed country with a great cultral richness, not only in the Arab world but also in the whole earth. So, it is normal that we can find more than fifties museums scattered around the country. The museums are divided in various categories, apart from classic museum, there are modern art, telecommunication, ethnography and even  jewellery. The latest museum is the Ecomuseum of Bougmez Valley at Marrackech which was created in 2015 whereas the oldest were created by 1915.


With its 4 000 000 inhabitants and its area around 390 000 km2, the Sultanate of Oman records over twenty museums. The topics of those museums are diverse, there are classic museums, art and natural history museums and children’s museums. Besides, the monarchy of Oman counts numerous exception buildings among which 4 are retained on the list of the world  humanity heritage by the UNESCO.

Saudi Arabia

The kigdom of Saudi Arabia is the biggest country in the Middle East and the second biggest in the Arab world behind Algeria. Speaking about museum, the principal attraction of the country is the National museum of Riyad. It has a dynamic architecture composed of two wings ( pre-Islamic wing and Islamic wing) connected by a corridor. The municipal museum of Djebba is also well worth a visit due to the richness of its contents.

Somalia and Sudan

Those two Republics of Africa have rich and fascinating cultural past. In spite of their large area, they don’t have so much museums in order to pass down the histories legacy of their respective routes.

The Somalia’s principal museum is its national one. But in the United- States, more precisely in Minnesota, there is a well-supplied museum dedicated to Somalia.

For the case of Sudan, we can find some interesting museums. The National museum of Khartoum, located in the capital is the biggest and the most visited of them. It owns the largest archeological collection of the country.

The culture of the Arab world is very rich, we can really develop our knowledge by discovering those countries and their histories through those museums. As the latter are cultural assets of paramount importance, the countries must take measures in order to protect them.

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