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Firdaous.com strives to promote the wonderful arabic culture around the world.

Firdaous (also written Firdaos or Firdaws) means heaven in arabic; more precisely, the highest level of heaven.

According to the Bible, Qur’an, and Torah the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula are the children of Shem son of Noah.
Nowadays, Arabs are those who speak Arabic as their native tongue and who recognize themselves as Arabs.
The Arab world is not to be confounded with the “Middle East”, a designation created during the days of the British empire, which comprises such non-Arab countries as Iran, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
And though Arab history is closely related to Muslim history, the Arab world does not exclusively represent the Muslim world.

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  • An English/Arabic/Phonetic online dictionary.
  • A beginner’s online course to learn arabic.
  • A whole section describing the arab countries.
  • A whole section devoted to the arabian arts.
  • And much more…